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Featured Article: The Use Of The Mouse In Audio Games

The Role Of The Mouse In Audio Games Article - click this image to view the article\

This site features an article which discusses the use of the mouse in audio games. Follow the image link above to view the article.

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This website is part of the Game Accessibility project, a research project that focuses on the accessibility of electronic games for gamers with disabilities. This website aims to inform disabled gamers about the availability of accessible games, and functions at the same time as an academic resource for developers, publishers and researchers in order to stimulate accessibility in games.

Featured: Grail to the Thief

Grail to the Thief Grail to the Thief is an interactive audio adventure for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that can be played using only sound, without the need for visuals.

The game has been designed with the needs of the blind and visually impaired in mind but is also designed to be played by the non-impaired. Our goal is to deliver an exciting, immersive experience in which the player will always be fully aware of what is happening through the use of voice-overs, sound effects, ambient sound and music.

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Featured: Audio Defence: Zombie Arena

Audio DefenceA first person shooter game. Instead of playing with your eyes, you must use your ears.

In Audio Defence: Zombie Arena, you’re a gunslinger fighting your way from anonymity to fame and glory in Dr. Bastard's Zombie Arena, a deadly live spectacle where the mischievous Dr. Bastard pits his zombie experiments against lone challengers for the bloodthirsty pleasure of the audience.

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Featured: Quadstick

QuadStick Game ControllerA new device called QuadStick gives disabled gamers the ability to play video games without the need for a traditional gaming controller. It is a mouth and voice operated game controller, mouse, and keyboard for playing games on the PS3, PC or Android and consists of a joystick, four sip & puff sensors, a lip position sensor, and a push switch, connected to a 32 bit ARM processor that converts the sensor inputs into USB and Bluetooth signals for host devices.

The device translates the various inputs into commands that are then transmitted to the console via USB or Bluetooth. A default mapping setup is included but, taking the form of specially-formatted Google Drive Spreadsheets, can be customized by the user, with players also able to switch between preconfigured profiles while playing. Voice commands are handled by voice recognition software, such as Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition. These will allow players to say specific buttons such as "Square" with a PlayStation controller, or more specific commands for individual games, such as saying "Pick off first" in a baseball game to execute the command. The device will support PS3 or PC out of the box, and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are supported with an adapter.

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Featured: Ear monsters!

Ear monsters logo Ear monsters is a full audio game for the Iphone. It is a fast-paced, arcade-style action game for iOS devices that requires a keen ear and quick reflexes. What makes EarMonsters so unique is that its fast-paced action relies on sound rather than visuals for the gameplay, using custom 3D audio processing engine to place aural enemies around the listener. You can’t see the monsters, but you certainly hear them!

Although not designed as a game for the blind per-se, EarMonsters is a fully Accessible game, making extensive use of Apple’s VoiceOver technology and other features for the visually impaired gamer. You can download Ear Monsters from the app store.

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The Game Accessibility project has been made possible by a financial contribution from NSGK (Dutch Foundation for the Disabled Child) and SNS Bank. More information about sponsors and participants.

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