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Hello everyone,

My name is Lee, a very helpful person from the Playstation forums directed me to this site after finding out I won't be able to play Killzone 2 and I thought someone might be able to help me?

I'm physically disabled but have been an active video gamer for 20 years but have struggled with developers not programing fully customisable buttons into their games. My disability apart from being in a wheelchair is I have only have 3 fingers on my left hand and half a right arm (a stump just above the elbow) which means I struggle with games that use fire or accelerate on the right buttons. I can use the right trigger (on 360) or R2 (on PS3) for anything that doesn't require rapid or precise button presses (like throw grenades, aiming or breaking for instance) by pressing the trigger/button into my thigh. My left hand works fine with the left stick and buttons and I use my stump for working the right stick to look and pressing the buttons (R1 or RB is tough so I tend never to use it) but I was wondering if anyone knew if the standard PS and 360 pads can be modded so that the L & R buttons can be reversed or if there's such a place that sells customisable controllers.

Thank you very much for your time ladies and gentlemen.


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Good place to browse around is the Accessible Gaming Shop:

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Hello, I am new to the site. I am physically disabled. I have next to no hand control, so I use my mouth and head to play the hori fighting stick 3 with my PS3. The downside to this is that I don't have a left and right thumb stick. Is there a controller out there that has all of the buttons which include the left and right thumb sticks and the side arrow buttons? Is there one out there  similar to the hori fighting stick 3 which has all of the controls that the ps3 wireless controller has?

I would really appreciate any input and advice . Thanks