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The patent for Microsoft's motion-sensing camera Kinect was released to the public last week, and it seems that the device could recognise sign language. Thanks to Kinect's ability to track hand and arm gestures, it can understand somebody signing at it in American Sign Language, and then convert it to either text or spoken word. Would that not be great. That would make text input through sign language possible and maybe also text output?

We will have to wait for it because Microsoft announced that they will file the patent but are not planning to use it in the next marketed version of Kinect. The reason for that is the downgrading of the camera unit. The current camera can not see the seperate limbs. But the patent shows the enthousiasm of Microsoft to use Kinect in other markets besides games and to have Kinect help in communication.

How about that?

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Microsoft is organizing a roundtable on the accessibility of Kinect in September. Experts and interested people are asked to participate. Seems like a great opportunity to make the games world a more accessible place!

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Kinect supports sign language, image of kinect
An image used in the patent. What do you think this means in sign language?

Game for people with moustache only?
Fiddle your upper lip before playing next level?

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The roundtable is planned for september 2nd 2010 and Game accessibility forum is planning to participate. We will keep you posted.

Ablegamers will also go to the roundtable and they have written a great article about Kinect and made a (long) list of things they still want to know and things they like too. Good questions, but important to look at the positive signal Microsoft is giving here and has been giving for a long time. Accessibility is still just as important to them and we welcome the opportunity for disabled and their experts to take part in a roundtable. The opportunities of Kinect seem enourmous and great. Ther article on ablegamers is at: … osoft.html

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Eye tracking glasses for on your nose

Found a design on the yankodesign website that can use eyetracking to control a game or program and offers to possibility to type text.
Nice design, but with Kinect at least you nose is free. Maybe a future version of Kinect can use eye movement to type texts. Seems like Microsoft already has most of the things necessary to that purpose.