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E-Sports mainstage gamer playing League of Legends in front of crowd

Together with Paul van der Made and Cooler Master we’re inviting gamers who want to take part in an eSports event! We will be hosting this event at our offices in Utrecht, close to Utrecht-Overvecht trainstation.

This will be the first part of an eSports event which is aimed at gamers with a disability. Therefore we are looking especially for gamers with a certain disability. Send us an email at to join!

You can also join online if you’re abroad! We are still deciding what game we will be playing but it looks like League of Legends or Counter Strike. More info soon!

The event will definitely take place although the location is still uncertain. You can bring someone to accompany you if you like and we’ll provide you with the details either through email, phone or else.

We would love to see you attend this event. There will also be someone filming the event and we’ll try to organize lunch and keep you posted on that.

December 4th start 09:00 GMT +1

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