WoT with only eyes

We’ve found a nice example of how to play a popular online game with your eyes online. World of Tanks is a military tank shooter where you have to kill enemy tanks. Simulating tank battles where you can hunt enemy tanks in packs or as a lone wolf. You start with small tanks and slowly work your way up the different tiers. However, if you don’t want to wait too long you can also buy yourself to the top. So yes, you’re right, the game features micro-transactions ;).

Let’s get back to the eyes only, in this example on Youtube (not accessible) you’ll see an abled gamer playing with his eyes, doing a not so bad job fragging enemy tanks. He uses the Tobii Eye tracker. If you’re interested, this one is for sale at Tobii’s website. WoT is not the only game you can play with it.

Dayz screenshot artist rendering from road with burned Humvee vehicle and a man shooting at a zombie
Killing zombies with the tobii eye tracker? Check.

Think you’re the next Top Gun? Try MS Flight Sim. Maybe explore the roads in a typical European truck, then Euro truck Simulator might be your best bet. The list goes on with titles such as Dayz, Assassins’ Creed Rogue, Son of Nor etc. Check them out at Tobii’s featured apps.

Hope this helped you out a bit. Tobii eye tracking is only available to the pc however. If you have a console and a whole different setup and always wanted to play WoT, then we have some good news! WoT will be available on the PS4 on the 19th! Happy gaming!

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