3D print modifications for your gaming controller

As more people are becoming familiar about the use of 3D printing, creative idea’s are blooming up on how to put this accessible technology to enhance various activities.

So is Caleb Kraft. Caleb is an editor of Make magazine. But modifies controllers, design accessories and builds systems for people with a physical impairment to be able to play a game by the use of a 3D printer.. And charges nothing for his work.

Designed foot controllers by Caleb Kraft.

In a series on YouTube he shows step by step how he modifies an xbox controller for his friend Jesse, who can’t use his left hand to play games.
He adds extended buttons so his right hand reaches buttons from the left side of the controller and adds a toggle at the bottom of the controller in order to replace the left toggle. If playing with the bottom toggle doesn’t suit you, you have the option to detach it from your controller and instead connect the designed foot controllers to use the left toggle.

All the designs he creates to modify controllers are free downloadable on Thingiverse and that way you can 3D print these yourself or have someone 3D print them for you.
Currently he has designed models such as thumb extenders for any Xbox controllers and trigger extenders and modifications for Xbox, Playstation and Wii controllers. And if you wish for something customized, you can always contact him. Although he mentions it takes a long time as he’s got a lot of requests and does this in his free time only.

You can find more about the right handed controller he made for his friend on this page.

And you can see the list of his 3D models on this page of Thingiverse.

If you are interested in printing models in 3D but you don’t own a 3D printer personally or in your environment you can find stores or open source creative labs like fablabs nearby your location through online search, take the design with you on a USB device and start printing!

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