Blizzard gets thanked for ‘endless control customization’ in Overwatch

Overwatch is a first-person shooter multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and just released. The game allows you to play with various characters with each their own roles, possibilities and characteristics and challenges the player to play in a cooperative environment.


Unique about this game is that the game offers huge customization possibilities which allows the players to play the game to their heart’s contents and this is exactly which made Zak happy.

In a hot topic on reddit he explains how he is born with cerebral palsy, which allows him to only one action per hand, and finds it therefor tough to play some games. But thanks to the large remap possibilities in the game he finds himself able to play all the characters and has done his first time sniping.

Zak remapped the fire button to the controllers left analog stick which allows him to aim and shoot.
Zak explains how he usually played with shotguns and how characters like League of Legends Yasuo are unable to play due to the mechanics. As are fighting games, who require too many simultaneous button inputs.

But here in Overwatch, Zak is right at home pulling off head shots.

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