Accessibility in XING: The Land Beyond

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XING: The Land Beyond is a first-person puzzle-adventure game for the PC, PS4 and Virtual Reality by White Lotus, and is set in the afterlife. It will be launched in 2017. The gameplay invites to explore, solve puzzles and gain powers to progress through levels. You have to earn your freedom while freeing other spirits trapped in the in-between. You can travel through landscapes with mountains, deserts, forests, volcanoes and more.

Building accessibility into XING

The game XING is not yet launched and the developers from White Lotus are giving thought to making the game accessible. They take into account people with an intellectual disability by making sure the game can be played at your own pace. In regards to color blindness, no puzzle or mechanic relies solely on color.

Text & Audio

The story of XING is told through poetry. Voice actors read each poem aloud and the poem is also made visible. When you’re deaf and you have to solve a puzzle with an audio component, there’s always a visual or symbolic way to solve the puzzle as well.

Wheelchair accessible

Because of the fact that XING is a game which is also available for Virtual Reality, it introduces many new accessibility issues, such as how comfortable players move around the game world. The game developers have, however, implemented movement controllers which allow you to move freely around the game world even though you are in a wheelchair.

Although this game is more accessible than most games, it’s still hard to play for people who are blind or have a severe intellectual disability. With other words, there is room for improvement.


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