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Apex Legends throws you and your squad in an arena where you and your squad will fight other squads for survival, only one squad can win the apex games! But how do i do this?

You might ask, well let’s start at the beginning.

First you’ll need to form a squad, a squad is a group of 3 people if you don’t have enough people to fill a squad the game will find squad members for you. Now that you have a squad each member will have to select a legend to play as. Each Legend has unique abilities and give different bonuses, try them out to find your favorite. When everyone has chosen a legend your and 19 other squads will take to the arena. You’ll be dropped from a drop ship and you’ll be able to move quite far with special boosters, make sure you find a good place to land. When you land its advice to grab the best guns, grenades, armor and backpack that you can find. For backpacks and armor are color coded as the following from worst to best: gray, blue, purple and golden.

For weapons it’s personal preference, but these are again color coded so that you can find the matching ammo more easily. The color codings for weapons are: red for shotguns, light blue for heavy weapons, orange for light weapons and green for energy weapons. When participating in the apex games it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a firefight with an enemy squad. The only advice I can give you is stay calm, make use of your surroundings, heal if you have some time and keep an eye out for a third squad that might be attracted by your gun fire. As time passes and less and less squads remain, to speed things along a ring will be introduced. This ring will envelope more and more of the arena as the game goes on. You don’t want to be caught outside of this ring cause it will deal increasing amounts of damage to you, but luckily you can track the location of the current ring and the next ring on your map.


Apex Legends makes use of a ping system which allows you to ping certain positions on the map allowing you to quickly put down markers for your team members. There are several types of marker all with their own voice line and icon making it easy to differentiate from each other.

Through the options you can turn on subtitles, adjust their text size, convert voice to text, convert text to voice, special hints through text, voice or both and last three colorblind options. The colorblind options change the colors of loot, friends and enemies.

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