Mobile devices, disabled gamers and more at GDC 2016

At least 20% of gamers have some kind of disability, and many mobile gamers also encounter situational impairments, such as playing in direct sunlight, or holding onto a handrail on the underground. Small screens and touch interfaces bring some accessibility barriers and solutions that are specific to mobile devices.

People entering the GDC 2016
Game Developer’s conference

GDC 2016
The session at GDC 2016 given by Ian Hamilton about game accessibility will share insights on what accessibility and disability actually mean and why they are important. It will also share some easy mobile-specific considerations you can make in your own games, and the human and business impact that they can bring.


If you’re interested in what design conclusions you should make in order to make the game accessible, watch the video on the GDC vault website.

Two older persons gaming
Playing on the Gamecube together

Games for an older audience
The GDC vault is filled with interesting talks, for example the one about designing games for older people. This is a whole new and upcoming area, in which we as Game Accessibility are also trying to raise awareness. An interesting session about this subject is also found at the GDC vault.

For example, the amount of people beyond 65 with a disability is 36% according to U.S. Department of Health and Human services. Those rates will only go up, since we live in an aging society and all want to play games in the future.




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