GMA designs games that are fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired gamers. This company tries to develop sophisticated Windows-based games whilst keeping its prices affordable.

This website gives you the ability to write reviews about games. The plan is to not only review how fun these games are, but also how accessible they are. This guide will help you review if a game is accessible or not.

In the early days of video gaming visually disabled gamers hardly encountered any accessibility problems. Games consisted primarily of text and therefore very accessible for assistive technologies. When the graphical capabilities in games grew, the use of text was reduced and ‘computer games’ transformed into ‘video games’, eventually making the majority of mainstream computer games completely inaccessible.

There are several games that can be played by people with a physical disability. These can be categorized as 1) games not specifically designed to be accessible (mainstream video games) and 2) games specifically designed to be accessible (one switch games). Mainstream Video Games Many mainstream video games are more or less accessible for gamers with a physical disability, usually …

The ultimate Zombie Shooter Game for the blind. Zombies from out of space invaded earth. Took all the women, good food and Jack’s rubber ducky. Jack sets out on a zombie killing rampage to get back his rubber ducky so he can take a bath.