The quadstick is a specific controller designed for quadriplegic people. Where someone with paraplegia can still use their arms, a quadriplegic person is paralyzed from the neck down. The loss is sensory and motorical so both sensation and control are totally gone.

Gaming is hard if you’re a quadriplegic but thanks to the Quadstick not impossible. We’ve tried to find similar devices like the quadstick but it looks like currently it’s the only thing around for people who are paralyzed.

Quadstick game controller button mapping
The Quadstick gamecontroller. Here you can see how it functions and in what way you can use it.

The QuadStick was funded through Kickstarter. Operated by mouth and voice it’s almost the same as a keyboard and mouse, assisting disabled gamers playing games on the PS3, PC or Android. In the picture you can see how it functions and what you have to do in order to make certain movements or select another gun for example. With this controller it’s perfectly possible to play shooters, racing games or whatever you like.

Quadstick game controller sip 'n puff technology
Quadstick controller side view.

Voice commands can also be used and are handled with the help of voice recognition. It hasn’t been on the market for a long time yet, so we would like to get to know some users based in The Netherlands. If you have any questions about the device you can always visit their forum. Here you can also find other quadstick gamers!



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