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The ultimate Zombie Shooter Game for the blind. Zombies from out of space invaded earth. Took all the women, good food and Jack’s rubber ducky. Jack sets out on a zombie killing rampage to get back his rubber ducky so he can take a bath. Get your iPhone and plug in your headphones to experience the 3D sound. Hear what direction the Alien Zombie Monsters are coming from and start shooting!

Where's my Rubber Ducky Screenshot intro screen Plug in your headphonesRubber Ducky iPhone Shooter App

Armed with a shotgun, machete and surrounded by zombies, Jack is certain to introduce those rubber-ducky-stealing alien zombies to a world of pain! There’s only one problem: Jack is blind. Use your hearing to locate the zombies before they attack. Pull the trigger or machete the hell out of ‘m to retake Jack’s rubber ducky. Use the headphones to experience the 3D sound. The app uses GPS and Compass readings.The Alien Zombies will attack you from all sides. At first they come one by one, in a later version, we will add different Alien Zombie Monsters, firearms and even multiplayer possibilities. The app uses a custom built audio augmented reality engine that generates 360 degrees sound through normal headphones. Turn around and the sound will also turn. Go to the itunes store and install the app on your iPhone now.

This is Jack

Jack is a bad tempored alcoholic who doesn’t care for anything but his rubber ducky. All Jack does is sit at home, jobless, looking at action movies or p#&n. If someone he doesn’t know walks on his land, the shotgun and machete do the talking…

Special features of the Rubber Ducky iPhone app

  • Works for people who are visually impaired like Jack
  • Mobile first-person-shooter, also accessible for the blind and impaired
  • Shooter for people who hate monsters stealing their rubber ducky
  • Several levels and masses of alien zombie hordes
  • Awesome Audio 3D shooting
  • Weapons: Machete and Shotgun

Devices that Rubber Ducky works on

rubberducky screenshotThe app works on iPhone 3gs. But it works faster on later iPhone models. The app also works on ipad 2and 3 with wi-fi + 3G. The app does NOT work on ipod (because it needs GPS and compass). The app also does not work on Android because at the moment, they do not support hardware acceleration necessary for fast processing of the data and AR audio.

Visit the iTunes Store for more information and free download:

Rubber Ducky on Facebook and Twitter

If you ever reach the endlevel, let us know on facebook or twitter. You might even win something like a rubber ducky. Also if you want to support development of games for people with disabilities just press like so we know you appreciate the work we do. Also if you have advice for next version, please let us know through Twitter or Facebook.


Rubber Ducky Goodies

Visit our goodie shop and get your own Rubber Ducky mug, t-shirt or iPhonecase:


By buying in the Shop, you support Jack in his quest to get back his Rubber Ducky. It may not interest you, but it also helps us update the app and add more features, monsters and weapons. And to keep this game accessible for the blind!

Where's my Rubber Ducky Screenshot game Switch and Shoot Worlds FPS accessible for the visually impaired.3D audio augmented reality engine gives new meaning to First Person Shooter apps

Because the main character is blind, there are no visuals on the screen that are relevant to survival. Just learn where the buttons are, close your eyes and trust your ears. The 3D Audio Augmented Reality Engine uses intelligent algorithms to reproduce how our ears percieve the world around us. This game literally demands a killer hearing…

Augmented Audio Reality (AAR)

The app is an example of the possibilities of our 3D Audio Augmented Reality technology. The same technology can be used for other (non-violent) games, interactive audioguides, citytours and applications. The technology is accessible for the visually impaired. The audio you hear is depending on your position. If the sound is behind you, it sounds like it is behind you. If you turn around, the sound also turns. This way blind listeners also know exactly where to ‘look’. This is naturally very handy when seeking out Alien Zombie Monsters, but can also be used to place virtual poets in a real garden. We used HRTF examples to calculate the correct sounds and optimize the effect. In Rubber Ducky, the result is that you can hear Alien Zombie Monsters coming towards you and can turn to face and shoot them immediately … before they eat you.

Why did we make this game?

We made this game because a lot of blind people wanted a shooter. We did this earlier with the game Demor. This iPhone app is just the start. We plan to enhance the app with more levels, more zombies, more weapons, more highscores (now not available) and everything else you ask us to add. Also we will add more directional effects in the next version. We hope you like the idea. Let us know what you want after this.

Why only on iPhone?

The app is currently only available on the iPhone because iPhone offers hardware acceleration.


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