Single switch controllers, name ’em all!

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Nintendo controllers with just one button

Imagine a life where everything happens with the push of a button. You’d like to write a book; push a button. Maybe you would want to find a new job, get hired immediately with full benefits; you’d push a button. Want a new car? Short on cash? Guess what… push a button!

Playing a game on a console is not that simple, but, most of the time you only have to push around 16 buttons to make things happen. But some of us would just like to take advantage of that one time when you can press just one button. When playing a game.

Can you name the original version of all of the modified single switch controllers below?!

wiioneswitch Zapper snooptennisoneswitch racegame psponeswitch plankton

phoneinterface oneswitchnesuforce oneswitchdslite OneSwitchDefender nes Nintendo controllers with just one button guitar_hero gamegearoneswitch gameboyoneswitch famicon Ctr_alt_del controllerevolution Bongo ataritracknfield ataripaddles atarioneswitch atari2600 Advantage

If you are looking for some controllers that are adapted to your specific situation we have found some interesting websites:


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