Simulation game

Fantasy Life is a game for the 3DS that allows players to pick from 12 different lives (or have them all), such as tailer, chef, hunter, blacksmith, or mercenary. Each life has its own quests and challenges. The game also has a main storyline with many locations. The game can be played with the arrow controls as well as the …

This game is accessible for: color blind, no voice, deaf, epilepsy

Ping Pong 5D is a new generation game uses accelerometer based on actual table tennis rules. Hold your phone like a racket and move it as you really play ping pong. Just accessible and multiplayer mode. Play with your friends for fun and for fitness. *You DON’T need to see any ball. You have to go by sound.

This game is accessible for: blind, low vision, color blind, one key, no voice, illiterate

Extreme Landings is a fun game you can download in the Play Store or App Store. You control an aircraft which you have to land in the airport without crashing. The smoother the landing goes, the less mistakes you make, the more points you get. There’s a free and paid version of this game. The version you pay for is …

This game is accessible for: color blind, tremor, no voice, deaf, epilepsy