Ping Pong 5D is a new generation game uses accelerometer based on actual table tennis rules. Hold your phone like a racket and move it as you really play ping pong. Just accessible and multiplayer mode. Play with your friends for fun and for fitness. *You DON’T need to see any ball. You have to go by sound.

This game is accessible for: blind, low vision, color blind, one key, no voice, illiterate

I can’t say this is a game, I more like a project (in progress) where you can find bunch of games. It’s a webpages where you can navigate and play using a single button, the navigation is very simple, you click on the left button of the mouse to move between options and keep pressing for making the selection …

This game is accessible for: low vision, color blind, tremor, one arm, one key, no voice, deaf, illiterate, epilepsy

Shaun White Snowboarding is a snowboard sports game in which you can perform snowboard tricks to earn points, compete against other players in the game or online to earn points and get money and just snowboard downhill from different mountains in Europe, Alaska, Japan and Park City (Utah, USA). As a player you have a lot of freedom in the game. You …

This game is accessible for: color blind, no voice, deaf, illiterate, epilepsy