Saint’s Row 4

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  • Accessibility rating: 6.0
  • Fun rating: 7.0


Every single Saints Row game took it to a new level. From standard GTA style game where you needed to earn respect to play missions to a full alien invasion with spaceships in saints row 4.

What is the next level? Well.. It’s hell!
The leader of the Saints is kidnapped to marry the daughter of the devil himself.
Ascend to hell playing as Johny Gat or Kinzie Kensignton on an epic quest to save their beloved leader.

Old friends and enemies will make appearances throughout the game together with everything else you are used to in the Saints row series. A full-length musical number, a talking gun and a lot more in this standalone expansion.

Don’t want to venture alone? You can play the entire game in co-op and it also supports the full use of the steam controller.

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April 06, 2020



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