Black Desert Online

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  • Accessibility rating: 6.0
  • Fun rating: 9.0


Black desert is a highly anticipated massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) of 2016, developed by the Korean game developer Pearl Abyss and released in Europe since march. What’s special about black desert is that the game is a partly sandbox themed role playing game. This means that as a player you can build up things giving you all freedom to do whatever you want in the game.
The world is huge and any kind of activity is rewarded. Either you level up your combat skills or you just wander around the world exploring the map, breed pets, chop some wood and build yourself a boat, invest and trade between towns to become rich, raid castles and go into war for land or go fishing and cook yourself meals in your own furnished house. It’s all up to what you want.

The world is beautiful and immersive. There’s a night and day cycle and a weather system which affects the world around you and your character in statistics and abilities to good and bad. There are things going on in every town and wars being fought out on the fields.
The game offer AFK options so even if there are times you cannot play, you could still advance on with your character. This looks like there are a lot of people playing, anytime.

The combat system is real-time, action-based and looking spectacular. This means you have to hit your enemies in flashy combos and dodge and block their attacks at the same time. There is no true healing class implemented which means you are on your own to battle through.

After level 45, the world becomes open PVP. You could start randomly fights with other players, but they can also attack you. This PVP has consequences; killing people gives you negative karma which is hard to recover. If you are in negative karma – other people can freely kill you without them to take negative karma.

There is no limit to leveling your character, but there is a soft cap at level 55. Which makes it hard to grind levels from there. The end game of the game starts leaning towards PVP, gearing up, doing guild wars over land marks and castles and getting rich, But you are all free to do what you like best.

The player can choose between 9 different kinds of classes which are all gender bound but have their own personally traits. The unique character customization is huge and could make your character look completely unlike any other character. I, personally, recommend to look up a character template from google and start from there as it can save a lot of time due the complexity of customizing a character.

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March 31, 2020



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