Final Fantasy VII

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  • Accessibility rating: 6.0
  • Fun rating: 9.0


The classic game generally known as the best game in the Final Fantasy Franchise! This Role Playing Game was originally released on the PlayStation and has since been spread across platforms (of which Steam seems currently the most accessible). The game follows protagonist Cloud Strife, a mercenary with memory problems who initially gets paid to join AVALANCE, A group of eco-terrorists who want to stop the world-controlling megacorporation Shinra from draining the life out of the planet. As the story progresses Cloud gathers allies and becomes more and more involved with happenings that effect the entire planet and that will lead him towards a fate that seems to follow him around. To face Sephiroth.

NOTE 1: Sequels and Prequels of the game are; ‘Before Crisis’, ‘Crisis Core’, ‘Dirge of Cerberus’ and the movie ‘Advent Children’.

NOTE 2: A HD remake of this game for the PS4 has been announced.

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Release date:
January 31, 1997



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