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Ico character looking out over a bridge and a castle
  • Accessibility rating: 2.8
  • Fun rating: 8.0


Ico is a puzzle platformer and an action/adventure game. The game takes place in a beautiful castle where a boy is sacrificed because he was born with horns on his head. In the castle he meets a strange girl, Yorda, and the two need each other in order to the able to escape from  the castle.  The game is filled with puzzles based on the surroundings of the two children who both have different abilities that have to be used in order to solve them. Also, it seems that the castle is haunted by shadows which often have to be fought before the player can continue on.

The first time the game is played ‘Yorda’  is only moved by ‘calling her’ from different positions but after the game is completed for the first time there is a ‘multiplayer’ option for replaying the game where one player can play the boy and another the girl.

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Release date:
March 31, 2020



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