Khet 2.0

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  • Accessibility rating: 9.0
  • Fun rating: 7.0


Khet 2.0 is a turn-based strategy board game, available on steam for your pc or mac. It is the digital version of a real life board game with the same name. The game in a way resembles chess. You always play 1v1, against the computer, someone online, or someone else on the same pc / mac. The pieces move around on a board of 10×10 tiles. Every side has one piece that shoots a laser, and you move around your pieces with mirrors, to reflect and change the laserbeams direction. This laser destroys your opponents (or your own) pieces. When you’ve destroyed your opponents most important piece, the Pharaoh, you’ve won. It’s a very fun game, and just like chess it requires some practise to recognize the patterns and become a good player.

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March 31, 2020



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