Re-Mission 2

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Re-Mission 2 screenshot of six games
  • Accessibility rating: 5.5
  • Fun rating: 6.0


Re-mission 2 is arcade style collection of games meant to help teenagers and kids manage their cancer and motivate them to keep fighting. The game(s) has two parts.

Part 1 is a collection of 5 small games, each with different gameplay, that can be played online. The games mostly give the player different ways of exterminating cancer cells and enforcing the healthy ones.

Part 2 is the 6th and most sophisticated game of Re-Mission 2 (named Special Ops) that only becomes available to download if the player has completed at least 5 levels in each of the games in part 1.  This game has the player drifting and rapidly shooting cells (among other things) that come in masses from all directions until they have completed their assignment. 

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March 31, 2020



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