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Sweatshop game screen factory and workers
  • Accessibility rating: 6.5
  • Fun rating: 4.5


A serious strategy game meant to create awareness about the conditions in sweatshops. Through a series of thirty challenging levels players must balance the unreasonable demands of their Boss and the conditions of their workers. Together, the team must work to make the factory a roaring success supplying clothes to their ever-demanding retail clients.

The game presents a series of moral dilemmas to the player. Should you hire a fire officer to prevent the risk of workers dying horribly in an industrial blaze or pack them in to get the job done? Should you train workers to make them more efficient and satisfied or fire them when they lose a limb in an industrial accident? The choices of the player create a moral profile and after every level de player is presented with a ‘lesson’ about real-life sweatshops. Despite its light-hearted tone, Sweatshop offers an accurate picture of the lives of those who work in the system.

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March 31, 2020



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