TERA: The exiled realm of Arborea

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  • Accessibility rating: 6.0
  • Fun rating: 8.0


TERA is a 3D fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Bluehole Studio and released in Europe since 2012.
TERA is known for its fast-paced action combat system which you have to aim your attacks to enemies while dodging their hits at the same time, position yourself right and time combos carefully to deal the best damage to bring them down, alone or in team play.
The game offers both PVE and PVP and farm possibilities which can satisfy nearly any kind of gamer.

The story of TERA takes you to how the realm of Arborea has been shaped and how the dark forces – the argons are threatening peace in this realm.
You are here the ‘chosen’ hero to bring the argons down and restore peace.

Now 4 years after its European release, there has been a lot of changes in the game.
New scenario’s and stories are added along with new classes, enemies and dungeons. TERA is a patched game which grows along and brings new content to the game about every 3 months to keep players satisfied.

Players can choose between seven distinct races, eleven character classes and innumerable facial and hairstyles. To add even more variety, players can dye their armor with a large assortment of colors, add exotic accessories, or cover their armor entirely with full-body costumes to play any role you desire.

Game data

Release date:
March 31, 2020
Patch 39.07



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