The vanishing of Ethan Carter

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  • Accessibility rating: 4.0
  • Fun rating: 7.0


The vanishing of Ethan Carter tells a story about a detective who visits an abandoned mining village after being inspired by a letter from a boy named Ethan.

While he’s stepping in the world of Ethan, he discovers traces of recent murder that just happened and having paranormal senses, he can see how the deaths have happened by solving the pieces of puzzles together.

The game is an adventure storytelling game where you are free to walk around the world, solving the mini puzzles around to get the story timeline together.

Special about this game are the beautiful details in graphics in the world. The lightning makes the world look gorgeous and it’s filled with tiny details that makes you want to explore any corner of it.

The game is released in September 2014 by Nordic Games and developed by the polish developers the Astronauts.

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Release date:
September 26, 2014



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